Ramdisk 2 for Windows Mobile 5 and 6 (WinCE5.x)

This is a continuation of Ramdisk for Windows Mobile story, that started here (first version of Ramdisk in 2006).

Russian programmer that goes by nick AMV007 on 4pda.ru forums, has created 2nd version of Ramdisk. Now it is signed, there is option to set it to load with drivers (i.e. before any app) and it has improved memory management. It uses VirtualAlloc memory function to avoid using scarce driver/kernel memory. Now ramdisk can be more than 32MB and there is also an option to save it periodically to flash or card, with automatic restoration of ramdisk from there, after soft-reset. There is some problem with restore function, as AMV puts it, restore from internal flash works fine, but restore from card worls 9 times out of 10 and he was not able to solve it yet.

I cannot test it, since my ipaq has gone to the electronic heavens :( but you can download app here.

Installation instructions inside. Source available upon request. All credit to AMV007, I am only publishing this for English speaking readers.




  1. link to ramdisk not working

  2. опять не работает ссылка

  3. сорри, cтолько времени прошло. ищите автора (amv007) теперь.