Going to Ukraine

I am going to spend my vacation in Ukraine, and will go there for two weeks starting from this Thursday, 19.6.

I am going by car,  route will be 2000km and will take 2 days driving in each direction. Here are 2 parts of the route.

First part is Riga - Lithuania - Poland. 845km. Plus time lost on Ukrainian border and another 140km in Ukraine to the hotel in Lutsk. I had to plan it in Google Maps. Actual navigation will be with TomTom 6.02 on Nokia N82 (Garmin XT mobile maps as backup).



2nd day will be only 900km. This one was planned in Garmin mapsource. Actual navigation will be by Garmin Mobile XT. (Nokia Maps 2.0 as backup).

There are two options for this day - going through Vinnitsa or going through Zhitomir. Both are same distance and I am trying to obtain more feedback in the excellent (russian speaking) community of autotravellers at AutoUA.


Apart from mentioned programs I still have maps of Ukraine and Ukraine largest cities in YandexMaps cache, SmartcomGPS and of course there is Google Maps mobile and MGMaps, but those require GPRS, which I will only connect when I arrived in Kherson and will buy local SIM card with unlimited GPRS.


OpenCoffee Riga 1.0 - initialization error.

This time event OpenCoffee v1.0 was postponed again due to repairs in Sunset Bar. I still think that the idea is good and Latvia web crowd will get together sooner or later.

Waiting impatiently for a new meeting time announcement on http://opencoffeeclub.lv/

Firefox Mobile UI video preview

I definitely like what I see here. Wonder how they will adapt it to non-touch smartphones?

Firefox Mobile Concept Video from Aza Raskin on Vimeo.


1st OpenCoffee meeting in Riga, tomorrow evening

UPDATE!!! Sunset bar is still under reconstruction. New meeting place will be announced today. Stay tuned.

First OpenCoffee in Riga, will take place in Sunset Bar, at 18:00. This is open discussion about Web 2.0 issues, challenges and ideas. It is also a great opportunity to get acquainted with local Web 2.0 crowd. I unfortunately cannot participate this time, but hope to see it online, thanks to Dik who will translate tomorrow meeting using his Nokia N82 and Qik. Link to translation is here. Also embedded into this post below.


Why I do not like iPhone

Took this picture during yesterday's party, when happy iPhone owner explained how great this toy is. Try one handed use while driving, I say.

Apple OS X 10.6 “Snow Leopard” for Atom?

Interesting speculation about upcoming release of new version of OS X next week being targeted to new Atom based MID from Apple. I agree.