1st OpenCoffee meeting in Riga, tomorrow evening

UPDATE!!! Sunset bar is still under reconstruction. New meeting place will be announced today. Stay tuned.

First OpenCoffee in Riga, will take place in Sunset Bar, at 18:00. This is open discussion about Web 2.0 issues, challenges and ideas. It is also a great opportunity to get acquainted with local Web 2.0 crowd. I unfortunately cannot participate this time, but hope to see it online, thanks to Dik who will translate tomorrow meeting using his Nokia N82 and Qik. Link to translation is here. Also embedded into this post below.


  1. Уж полночь близится, а Германа всё нет...

  2. или вот так "полночи с Германом, а близости все нет..." :)

  3. Ну походу уже приплыли - see last post, и ты во всяком случае ничего не теряешь :)