Finally some break from iphone news

Seems that all those ifans went to sleep. What a relief for europeans. Frankly, iphone is a consumer toy and so far behind our scandinavian tech edge. dark ages in usa? Slow edges of usa? Whatever. Let's enjoy this calm moment before avalanche of

Iphone reviews hits us later today.

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Why Plaxo sucks? And why GooSync should be afraid

Plaxo syncs with everything except sliced bread and my (and I bet yours' too) mobile. Until then, I will wait and see. Something like GooSync can sync my calendar with gmail calendar over the air. GooSync doesn't do contacts though. If they do not add this feature, they will definetly bite the dust when Plaxo introduces support for syncML over the air.

Is Skype going to stay free?

Do you think that there is a bright future when everybody is on Skype and calls are free for all?

Not really. Currently Skype is making money by connecting people to non-skype numbers. Imagine what happens when everybody is on Skype? Skype will loose important revenue stream. Is this going to happen? We can reasonably expect, that as more and more people will be joining Skype, it will introduce a subscription fee, which it can keep at comfortable $3-5/month.

The only balancing factor I see - are other SIP, VOIP, etc. providers, mainly gizmo, microsoft and google. If MS or Google will keep offering free VOIP long enough, it may keep Skype at (e)bay.


Mobile Blogger and Kyte

I am pleased to learn that mobile blogging have developed quite a bit during this year. See, I am more of "blog when you' ve got time" person, and that means, blogging while in transit or on a sunny beach between volleyball rounds. Even my ipaq hx4700 is kinda thick brick for lugging around the pool, so I really looked for a way to blog from my mobile and lately, pieces started falling into place.
1. I have got time
2. I have got unlimited 3G/HSDPA mobile plan
3. My Soneric K610 comes with "photo blog" support.
4. Kyte has released mobile blogging app in java.
5. I learned to use Blogger's " email to blog" functionality.
My setup now looks like this.
Photo blogging: At any moment, I can snap a photo on my mobile, add caption and upload it to (unfortunately only one) blog.
Video blogging: At any moment, I can snap a short (some 15 sec video) and upload to kyte. I have got several channels registered there. e.g. http://www.kyte.tv/pavel. I embedded kyte widget into my personal blog (not this one yet), and automatically appears there too.
Update: even better, kyte supports "email video to blog" funtionality and 50Mb per video is the limit. Blogger also has this functionality in testing, one needs to login into blogger-in-draft and voila - upload limit is 100Mb per video.
Text: I just send email to blogger generated email address. Each of my blogs (personal, mobile, entertainment) has a unique address. So I am able to post to any of them at any time.


Gee, I am back to blogging

Due to a misstep in my official career, I again have more time to do the blogging thing, while my new webshop is being created by programmers.

La Vita e Belle!