Mobile Blogger and Kyte

I am pleased to learn that mobile blogging have developed quite a bit during this year. See, I am more of "blog when you' ve got time" person, and that means, blogging while in transit or on a sunny beach between volleyball rounds. Even my ipaq hx4700 is kinda thick brick for lugging around the pool, so I really looked for a way to blog from my mobile and lately, pieces started falling into place.
1. I have got time
2. I have got unlimited 3G/HSDPA mobile plan
3. My Soneric K610 comes with "photo blog" support.
4. Kyte has released mobile blogging app in java.
5. I learned to use Blogger's " email to blog" functionality.
My setup now looks like this.
Photo blogging: At any moment, I can snap a photo on my mobile, add caption and upload it to (unfortunately only one) blog.
Video blogging: At any moment, I can snap a short (some 15 sec video) and upload to kyte. I have got several channels registered there. e.g. http://www.kyte.tv/pavel. I embedded kyte widget into my personal blog (not this one yet), and automatically appears there too.
Update: even better, kyte supports "email video to blog" funtionality and 50Mb per video is the limit. Blogger also has this functionality in testing, one needs to login into blogger-in-draft and voila - upload limit is 100Mb per video.
Text: I just send email to blogger generated email address. Each of my blogs (personal, mobile, entertainment) has a unique address. So I am able to post to any of them at any time.

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