S60 client for bruteforcing WPA

Now, that there are tools that can bruteforce WPA passwords in reasonable time using Nvidia GPU accelerated computing, I hope someone comes up with the S60 client for sniffing and geotagging target network, then uploading it to a server, where it will be broken and password given back to requester, as well as put on the map for community to see it. 

This way, if you find a protected network in a popular place and want to connect, you’ll get a password the next day, or, if it was already broken by somebody else request, you’ll get password immediately.

It may look as “dreaming out loud”, but there is nothing to prevent it from happening tomorrow.


Speed test of Sandisk 16GB MicroSDHC (Class 2) with Nokia N82



From http://www.thenokiaguide.com/my_weblog/2008/10/a-first-look-at.html

The most important point here is to understand that Class 2/4/6 do not really matter when choosing card for N82, because internal write speed of the latest N-series (with possible exception of N96) is below 1 MB/sec, i.e. below even Class 2 speeds.


Sandisk 16 GB in my Nokia N82 now

It just works. Despite being class 2, there is no noticable difference in startup time or during work. And there is no alternative card of this capacity either. Now it fully holds my business files and navigation maps. I'm not using it for music though, the battery is not enough already. Using it for music would leave battery drained in the middle of the day.


Sandisk 16 GB MicroSDHC card has arrived

It took 7 days by post from UK to Latvia, but considering that the price was right, and delivery was included in the price, I am satisfied.