Using Blogger on VGA Pocket PC with Opera, Minimo, Picsel and Pocket IE

After setting up blog on PC, I just had to try it on my Mobile Device too.
I have iPaq hx4700 with VGA screen, WM5, and several web browsers - Internet Explorer Mobile, Opera 8.60, Picsel Browser (thanks VJ@xdadev) and nightly build of Minimo (1/1/2007).

PIE's rendering of the page is so ugly, that I gave up trying to blog through it immediately.

I did not manage to authorize into Blogger through Picsel. Some script problems I guess.

Minimo also failed at google account authorization stage.

So, this post was created on Opera. Beautiful rendering. Only some formating buttons (Bold, Italics, etc.) are missing from the form, compared to the PC rendering.

So, if you want to use Blogger on mobile device, Opera is the only choice at this moment.

Let's roll

Ok, so it is a 1/1/2007 and I after playing with Blogger for about a day, I am ready to start blogging. Templates and colours chosen. Ballpen loaded. Let's roll.

So, actually I came to do this, just to see what it is all about. IDC or Gartner (do not remember) predicted that blogging will peak in 2007 and will start to diminish, as most users will try it and realize that they have nothing to say to others. Hmm. Nothing interesting to say to others. We'll see.

For one thing. I have and old friend, PDA usability guru who hooked me onto this crazy mini micro computers with miniscule buttons, touchscreens and lousy batteries couple of years ago. I need to teach him how to blog. I hope that my page will be provocative enough to lure him into responding by opening his own blog.

Kefir and avatar

While at hypermarket "Spice" today, I have meet two strange students. They had a zombie like red eyes and kept laughing all the way, speaking some strange metaphors, that I could not relate to, despite understanding all the words separately. Each of them bought one pack (1L) of kefir. (Local sour youghurt, believed to be good at curing hangover syndrom). Not my idea of spending the whole next year.

I still haven't figured out how to upload my avatar to the blog layout, until then, I just attach it to this post.

My avatar :)