Multiple Gmail apps on Nokia

The same .jar files that I prepared for Sony Ericsson couple of weeks ago, also works on my new Nokia 6120 Classic.


RIP ipaq hx4700

My ipaq sank in bathtub during my recent trip to Stockholm couple of days ago. Even after drying it for the last 2 days, I could not reanimate it. Tought luck.

This iPaq hx4700 has properly served me for 2 years, going with me through upgrades from WM2003 onto WM5, it survived memory expanding surgery at PPCTECHs and came back with 128M RAM. Then thanks to Mamaich, I figured out how to increased pagepool and it became even faster than ever. And just a month ago, I upgraded it to excellent WM5 AkU3.5.2. It has seen GPRS, EDGE, UMTS and HSDPA connections, and I had to tweak its bluetooth speed limits to keep in line with faster mobile networks. It has been a great book reader for my trips to Turkey and Egypt. Its 8GB Compact Flash card has kept lots of cartoons and movies for my 3 kids who got accostumed to falling asleep holding it in their hands. With GPS and TomTom navigation software it is been a trusty guide to driving on the wrong side of the road in UK, and to driving through 2M wide city streets in Sicily. And I even used it for having a mobile Skype and Gtalk while driving around Riga, thanks to an unlimited HSDPA connection in his little brother, Nokia 6120.

Did I mention games? Skyforce, Warfare Inc, Bejewelled?

And last, but the most important, it has become my window on a world during last 2 years. I got so much used to reading from my palms, that even laptops and nice desktop computers could not compete with this experience.

R.I.P, old friend


Mobile Gmail app, v1.1.1 MIDP - 2nd and 3rd instance

If you have several gmail accounts, and wanted to run several mobile gmail apps on your java enabled mobile phone, you probably ran into trouble when trying to install more than one gmail.jar into your phone. Java doesn't allow multiple instances of the same program on Sony Ericsson phones. I edited program name in java manifesto to circumvent this restriction.

You can find v1.1.1 (generic MIDP2) gmail2 and gmail3 here http://rapidshare.com/files/40491513/gmail23.zip.html

I tested it on SE K610. Please comment how it works for you.


AKU352 for iPaq hx4700, with A2DP now

Good times keep rolling! In development for some 3 weeks now, AKU352 for iPaq hx4700, have reached the stage that it is finally perfectly usable, and even A2DP support has been fixed. Now there is no reason not to update. The main plague of previous versions, namely filesys compaction thread and overall slow performance of the system, have been solved. Compared to earlier firmwares, unit is much more responsive. ActiveSync scheduling problem is gone. Still you need to apply Navpoint tweak. And I highly recommend increasing page pool values to 16 MB on devices with extended RAM (128 MB).

More information is available on xda-developers forums. Original thread (in Russian) can be found at 4pda.ru forums.

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Fring on Windows Mobile, it works now

Excellent application for mobile VOIP, Skype, GoogleTalk and MSN Messenger have been released for WM5 and WM6 devices, also for non GSM PDAs. Initially in beta, it didn't support all devices, but couple of days ago, since version 3.20.6, it started to work also on my iPaq hx4700.

It works as promised. I used it on wifi and 3g. Highly recommended. Especially with unlimited data plan.

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