Nokia N82 disassembly video

For those of N82 owners who just cannot stop. :)

1st OpenCoffee Riga impressions


So we had a very interesting meeting of people with strong interest in the development of internet projects in Latvia. I am pleased to find new friends and looking forward to the next meeting.




Tomorrow, on July 26th, will be the day, when the annual craziness erupts again in the Crimean village of Popovka, which becomes home to the 16th year of kaZantip for the period from 26 of July till the end of August. I’ve already been to Z Republic last year, and it impressed me so much, that this year I decided to go again, for the grand opening of the 16th year of the festival.

What is kaZantip? It is a month of 24 hour nonstop music on almost 10 dance floors. It is Z republic populated by Z citizens.  It is state within a state with its own constitution, the president, ministers, visas and (the guarding) angels. It is freedom. It is a lot of fun, sun, music, love and happiness, referred to as “ЩАСТЬЕ”. It is Russian Goa… No wait, it is much, much better than any club event you ever been to.

More information is here, alongside with the photos and videos from previous years of Kazantip.

The price of admission to the independent state have been growing steadily each year, and 2008 is not exception in this respect. This year it is rumored to be 100-120 EUR for a multivisa or some 70 EUR for a single entry. Compare this to 85 EUR a year before for a multivisa, and you see that popularity of Kazantip is growing, and lifting prices with it too. Moreover, it is not unusual for the price of viza to be some 50% higher for the opening and closing events, and this is going to affect me directly, since I am there for the opening. Prices for living there depend on the desired level of comfort, going from 5-10$ for the bed in the old village hut, all the way up to 60-100 EUR for a double with air conditioning. Food and drinks still cheap in Popovka, but inside the kaZantip area, they have already reached 10$ for a glass of Cola with traces of Red Label. It is not unusual to see some party goers bring a backpack with essentials, buy only a single entry visa and stay within confines of the “Z Republic that never sleeps” for days and even weeks. Meeting the sunrise on the shore among wasted dancers is acceptable, just remember that tents are not allowed.

My bags are packed. GPS and brains switched off. 3 day of ЩАСТЬЕ are waiting for me.


Truly mobile life


From Future Perfect - a blog by Nokia specialist, who is travelling the world to find out how different cultures use mobile phones and improve Nokia interfaces accordingly.



The Register writes about a woman that hired a killer for her ex husband on www.hitman.us.com. While it is nothing new that people do not have a clue about hiding their IP address, the comment to the article was much more amusing than the article itself.



Battery life

It is only 6 p.m. and my Nokia N82 is almost dead. A bit of browsing, chatting, navigation and RSS reading.


2 weeks without blogging


If you look at the internet around you, everyhing is in motion, every second brings news and suprises.

Then you go for 2 weeks vacation without internet.

When you come back, it turns out that nothing really ever changes at all. :)