Google Maps enables MyLocation in Latvia


Do not know when this happened, the MyLocation feature of Google Maps, that guesstimates approximate location of the user without use of GPS, but rather, relying on cellular tower location database, is active now. I think I tried it couple of months ago, and it was not active at that time. Now, it still is pretty rough. But it is good for learning locations of nearest cell towers of your operator. After checking my location 3 times, within different rooms of my flat, I learned that I am located between 3 cells and my location indicator will show different points on the map for each room. Nice. Certainly not good for a phone battery life when handset is forced to switch between different cells, trying to find one, which is not as bad as the current one.


  1. Which mobile operator you are using? It seems, it is not working for me with LMT. When I press 0 for My Location, it shows on map that I am somewhere in Montevideo, Uruguay. thats far far away form Riga :(

    I tried to move around my flat, but no luck. Maybe I should go outside and check there.