Opera Mobile 9.5

Whoa! Opera Mobile 9.5, the successor to the 8.65 which was my browser of choice on both Nokia and Windows Mobile devices. Much more useful than any other mobile browser out there. It promises improved Ajax support and faster rendering (two features that it's got better than others already it its previous incarnation). If it delivers, then it will finally bring ability to view 99% of internet content on a smartphone screen. Yes, it will play Youtube (if you have Flash Lite 3 installed on your handset).

I will loose sleep waiting for its release (I never got so excited even when iPhone came out :) Can't wait to test it on ajax heavy gMail and gReader.


Official info ->

Oslo, Norway and Barcelona, Spain - 5 February 2008 - Opera Software, the only company that puts the Web on any device, today announced the commercial release of Opera Mobile 9.5 - the latest version of its award-winning Web browser for sophisticated feature phones and smartphones. Participants at the Mobile World Congress 2008 will be the first to experience the improved functionality of Opera Mobile 9.5.

- Intuitive user interface
- Tabbed browsing
- Improved text wrap
- Page overview, zooming and panning
- Landscape mode
- Save Web page for future offline access
- Call phone number from Web page
- Send link as SMS/MMS

- Send image as SMS/MMS
- Small Screen Rendering
- Password manager
- Web-address input auto-completion
- History and bookmarks
- Copy text
- Opera Widgets


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