Get a mac?

Some friends of mine like to bitch about Windows and say that if not due to (company policy, historical reasons, lack of time, etc) they would definitely switch to mac. Right...

Get a mac... is a very broad advise. Like "get a Nokia". Which one? Desktop? UMPC? :)) Laptop? Well, taking into account that apple is still not in the ultra portable and ultra mobile league, I assume that people meant a desktop. Mmkay... Below is my desktop.


To make it clear - it is not a working tool for me anyway. It is an enterainment and gaming center for my 40" LCD. It is a place to watch HD torrents and play DX10 games. And it plays nicely with my other Windows XP and WinMobile and Symbian computers. I remotely access it from laptop and UMPC, I sync my work files among those 3 devices, I access my movie/mp3 library, etc. Yes, yes, it all can be done on Apple. Maybe. With some dual booting tricks to run Vista to play games.

I just somehow do not have incentive to learn another OS. Why should I?