Joikuspot problems under Linux Mint 17

Keywords: Joikuspot, Linux, MTU, adhoc, Ubuntu, Mint, tethering, Nokia

This might be useful for some people still using Nokia phones to share internet connection with Linux machine using excellent JoikuSpot 2012. I googled up several problem reports over last 3-4 years, listing Ubuntu, Mint, Arch, etc. Usual symptoms of the trouble – you can connect to some sites – google, news, even some https sites (for me,  friendfeed.com worked), but some other sites (in my case feedly, facebook, and any other site requiring Google Accounts authorization) did not load, or loaded only partially, with connection indicator spinning endlessly. Imagine internet circa 1994… What heplped me to identify rootcause, was the fact, that iPad mini (iOS 7.1) and Windows laptops worked well with Joikuspot (after some vodoo to enable adhoc connection under Windows 8.1).


Change MTU size from default 1500 in Ubuntu 14/Mint17 to 1280.

Go to Network Manager, disconnect from all networks, edit your wifi Joikuspot connection properties, there is setting in the GUI to do that. Upon reconnecting, every site should open flawlessly. Below is the picture I found quickly for editing MTU for wired connection. It’s same for WiFi.


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