Just bought Motorola XT720 from Expansys


Just received by DHL. Bought at Expansys.lv (Latvian version of expansys.co.uk). Phone was delivered from warehouse in Marseille, France.

Some notes – very nice build quality, rubberised metal on the backside, nice display, TFT with mirror underneath, so it looks ok in the direct sunlight. Strange, you cannot work with this phone without SIM, only emergency calls allowed. Another negative, about body construction – the blue border around lense (2nd picture here) is very razor sharp and collects particles of my pocket cloth. Finally, a nice touch, 8GB SD card is included.

I did not check processor speed, but it is slower than Samsung Galaxy S that I used previously, so maybe it really is 550MHz, but Motorola promised to up that to 720MHz in the new firmware and to upgrade OS to Android 2.2.

re: last photo here – in the top right corner you can see indicator of filming mode (camera in this case). I expected that it is sensitive button, but, alas, I cannot make it switch modes by touching any of those indicators. You need to go to on-screen menu to change modes.