Sony VAIO Z 2010. What a disappointment?

Core i5, switchable graphics with Nvidia GT 330M, 128 GB SSD, VGA/HDMI out. Nice display and keayboard in the slick 1.4 kg package.

Congrats on removing modem and firewire. But what the heck, Sony? You still keep DVD in this “ultra-portable”? Please, its 2010, you can use this space for better battery and some port that can do 2560x1600, because frankly, this is the display resolution (with some 27-30” screen) that will be standing on the tables of prospective Z customers in the coming year.

That means, Dual DVI or Displayport. Unless that HDMI port that you put there is HDMI 1.3, huh? Anyway, Apple uses Displayport that can support 2560x1600, and others please take notice. So far, WQXGA support by PC/laptop manufacturers has a faint smell of failure, but I hope it will change in 2010.


  1. had to remove insulting comments from anonymous sony fanboy. If you want to argue, show your face.

  2. 10000% agreed! I just bought this laptop and even the stupid docking station ($200) on my $4000 dollar version of the laptop does not support dual-link dvi. Aggr.. Now I'm contemplating returning this and going with Apple.