Shozu problem

I don't get why people like this program. I honestly try it once or twice a year, hoping to start using it. But I again find that it is useless for me. I have some photos (5mpx) that I want to reduce in size and upload to blogger service. But there are 2 show stoppers. 1 - it would resize only to some ugly qvga resolution. 2 - it would create a separate post for each photo. No go. I need to resize to VGA or 800*600 and send multiple pictures as single post. And if they could allow for additional extra - like creating an embedded slide show or collage from those photos - I would love them.
Unfortunately, the most important change in Shozu that I noted so far, is that now it correctly processes russian encoding. Deleted. Will try it again after 6 months.


  1. Thanks for your note and yes we agree that there are some areas that we need to look at in the future developments. Most of our developments are either user driven or technology driven so this sort of feedback is great for us.

    Keep an eye on our website over the coming months to see what we are doing and let us know if you have any other thoughts.


  2. Hi, Owen,
    I remember that you are monitoring www communications about Shozu, and glad to get your response. As I mentioned, support for image resizing and putting multiple images into a single post on such sites like blogger.com would be very useful. Looking forward to give another try to new version. Regards.