What is best sync solution for Windows?


I am looking for a best Win program to sync my numerous laptops, media pc, and hopefully, my mobile, with selected folders on my 24-hrs file server running on Windows 7.

After googling and reading a bit, I identified

  • Unison, and DeltaCopy – as Windows GUI for the famous rsync. Should be simple and mature.
  • Folder share (MS Live Sync) – free solution from Microsoft. Should be pretty simple too.
  • Synplicity,  Sugarsync, Dropbox – other well established programs. These seems to provide online storage for files, and any reasonable amount (over 2 or 5 GB for different programs) will cost money. Since I already have own always-on server, I feel that I do not need their service.

So, I will be installing and trying Unison, DeltaCopy and Foldershare.


  1. Foldershare is now LiveSync. LiveSync has a 5 gig quota. LiveSync works well on Windows 7, but you need to uninstall it before any build upgrades (like 7057 to 7077) because it breaks LiveSync and you get duplicate folders like MyDocs(2). Just uninstall it before upgrade and install again after.

    Please share your experience with Windows 7 and Unison, DeltaCopy.


  2. You can also try Allway Sync - http://www.allwaysync.com/

    The free version allows you to synchronize up to 40,000 files per 30-day period. Once you have initially sync both folders, you'll not probably going to hit the 40k limit unless you're syncing images. This is quite reasonable if your not copying/syncing that many files. If you want to remove the limitation, you can get it for 20 bucks.

    I am using this to synchronize a folder on my 1000h on XP with my Samba-based file server.

  3. Rather than using Unison and DeltaCopy, there is Wuala, which is a cross platform (java, works on Windows, Linux, OSX) P2P file sharing cloud. Buy giving it a a place on my server which is up 24x7, I can have all of my files in the cloud and access them from other machines on the go. The benefit here is that it is a distributed backup, and theoretically, shall preserve my data even if server fails. Also, I can access it even on public PC via http.